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Supporting the

Green Bay Community

Disaster is defined as any natural or human-caused event resulting in damage, loss, hardship, or suffering. Disasters can affect individual households, local communities, regions, states, or the entire nation. When a disaster occurs, neighbors and community organizations want to reach out and help. During a disaster, organizing a community response may be hindered by the chaotic nature of that event. Communities are better served if a Community VOAD – ie: Operation Community Cares, is in place for collaboration, coordination, communication, and cooperation, long before a disaster strikes.


Green Bay households lack the funds to withstand a sudden loss in wages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore do not have the ability to purchase food and other basic needs items. Many households may lack transportation to grocery stores or pantries, and/or cannot or should not leave their homes.  

Operation Community Cares exists to assist those in recovery from the pademic, and will assist in the future when called upon.

As we make our way back to "normal" and regular assistance programs open back up; OCC will be assisting those locate resources

Beginning June 19, 2020 OCC will only be referring those in need to.  Please contact our resource orgnaizations to receive a referral to continue recieving assistance.  


Help your community!  To become a volunteer for OCC, please fill out our Volunteer form.  We will contact you shortly for volunteer opportunities available in the Green Bay area.  Thank you for stepping up to help your community!!

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