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OCC Partners

Paul's Pantry

Paul’s Pantry is dedicated to providing food to those in need and are an inspiration for others to follow. Paul's Pantry graciously provides OCC with their food items, and they have provided us with our office location where we operate. They have a long history of stepping up when their community is in need; OCC thanks Paul's Pantry for their continuous generosity!

Pauls Patry - Tall Transparent.png


Schneider has graciously supported OCC on their mission to provide relief to the local community.  Through their Schneider Foundation, and the Schneider Way, they have stepped up and provided support to those in need.  Thank you Schneider!


Cellcom powers Operation Community Cares' communication by providing exceptional service to allow easy access to our services.  Thank you!

Cellcom - Transparent.png
Brown County United Way -

United Way

Brown County United Way has been a central resource for the community, in good times and in challenging times, since 1925. We are honored to partner with the OCC and many other organizations to help meet the urgent needs of our community during the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond. We support the OCC by facilitating connections to local agencies, offering administrative assistance, and serving on its advisory board. 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army proudly supports Operation Community Cares cause.  We thank them for their charitable services, and support in our time of need!

Salvation Army.png
GBPD Logo.png

Green Bay Police Dept.

Green Bay Police Department proudly supports the Operation Community Cares cause.  We thank them for their service and support in our time of need!


Operation Community Care would like to thank Hemp4Heroes for their teams dedication to helping the community in this time of need.  They stepped up without hesitation and have put in many hours to make OCC a reality!

H4H Logo Transparant-min.png
Family and Childcare - Transparent.png

Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W.

Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast WI is a nonprofit that helps shape our community’s at-risk families in a positive manner. We work with those who impact early childhood experiences (parents, caregivers & childcare providers) to help educate and support them through the services and programs we offer. Our goal is to help provide brighter and more positive experiences for families so that every child can have a happy and healthy start in life.


JBS began as a small family-owned business dating back to 1953, through determination, discipline, simplicity, and years of hard work, JBS has grown to be the Worlds leading provider of quality meat protein, leather, and sustainable co-products. While never forgetting where they came from and the important role communities play into their great success. JBS believes they cannot truly be the best without contributing to the health of its communities. This is why JBS is proud to be a partner of OCC. #JBSProud - Helping families in a time of need

Grand Central Station.png

Grand Central Station

Our drivers put on many miles to make sure orders are delivered to the community.  THANK YOU Grand Central Station for fueling our operation to make sure we can continue to provide our services!

Bravo Company

The N.E.W. Veterans Battalion, Bravo Company is committed to develop, staff, and support an

all-volunteer, Veteran-sponsored program; aimed at reducing and eliminating confusion in order to bridge the gap for Veterans transitioning from active duty to civilian life ensuring no Veteran is left behind.

Bravo Company.png

Advocating. Believing. Achieving.

Our mission is to move people from poverty to opportunities & economic security and improve communities.

OHP donated roughly 100 adult toothbrushes, 50 kids toothbrushes, and toothpaste and floss!  Thank you so much for supporting our community during these difficult times!

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