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Oftentimes these organizations are in place across the nation and state, however, ultimately all disasters are local and must be handled as such. Local ground-level efforts are the most effective way of addressing local issues. A Community Volunteer Organization Active in Disasters (VOAD) can be formed prior to a disaster.

This is done by bringing together community non-profit agencies, area businesses, schools, neighborhoods, faith-based organizations, and other community stakeholders. This collaboration promotes the development of locally tailored preparedness and recovery efforts, therefore creating more resilient communities.

For questions about Operation Community Cares, please contact

What is a Community V.O.A.D.?

VOAD is short for ‘Community Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster’ the idea for a VOAD came about because of a void in human services in the areas of immediate response and long-term recovery. The first minutes and hours following a disaster are crucial to the resilience of a community. Within moments of a disaster, the community relies solely on emergency services to respond, yet many human needs go unmet due to limited resources and an overwhelming need. Voluntary organizations have to muster people and other resources up before they can begin to operate, often times this happens AFTER a disaster strikes. 
Right now, we are working with all the VOAD’s throughout Wisconsin to support the resettlement of the Afghan refugees.  We have already brought a truckload of 40,000 diapers and we are hoping to fill another truck - with your help.
OCC and the VOAD are hoping to raise $4,000 to pay for more supplies to bring to Ft McCoy.  If you’d like to donate, please do so at (LINK)
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